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Anti-Fragile Walking Step by Step

Join us for this 2-day workshop

Andrew Gibbons working with a student.

Would you like to walk with greater ease and pleasure? Most of us walk with deeply grooved habits, repeating movements that lead to pain and stiffness. If we study these movements, we can create stability and integrity in our walk. With practice, we can clarify and ennoble an action we’ve done unconsciously our entire lives. Taught by Andrew Gibbons, GCFP.

In this 2-day course, you’ll raise your walking from an unconscious habit to an informed practice. You’ll emerge with a clearer perspective on how walking works and the art of transferring weight elegantly from leg to leg. You’ll learn what, why, and how to practice with greater specificity. Then walking can become a path to health. It can be your zen, your gym, and your joy. Limit: 25 participants. Room for 10 more as 5/1.

Who Benefits

  • Teachers & practitioners of somatic modalities: Feldenkrais Method®, yoga, Alexander Technique and more
  • Martial artists
  • Performing artists
  • Anyone who’d like to stand and walk with greater efficiency and pleasure

Feedback from Last Year

Instructor Andrew Gibbons works with a student in last year's workshop.The work Andrew has done is critical in our everyday life and applicable to the many other relative aspects of upright movement.

I better understand how my feet support my skeleton, and when properly organized and with mindful attention I can improve my organization. I learned just how much power I can have when my bones have proper support from down below.

Three Crucial Moments

The course focuses on three crucial moments in walking. These moments will set the parameters to test and improve your skeletal support, muscular efficiency, and balance.

As a participant you will learn:

  1. How walking is learned, and how learning is walked.
  2. Why your soft tissue cannot survive a disorganized skeleton.
  3. To see and sense shearing forces that poor walking creates, and learn how to move better by choice.
  4. Key relationships in the foot, ankle, and knee that every good walk maintains.
  5. “Do-anywhere” practices that help you tune your walking balance and maintain it throughout the day.
  6. How to use observational skills to improve by observing other people and yourself.
  7. Awareness Through Movement® practices that deepen your understanding and skill.

Instructor Andrew Gibbons is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher in New York City. He’s spent the last 8 years uncovering the moments in walking that tell us the most about our posture and self organization. In his private practice, he teaches the humans of New York how to organize themselves better for the second half of life than they did for the first. Andrew has been a Feldenkrais Teacher since 2003. Now an assistant trainer, he’s on the staff of Jeff Haller’s IOPS Academy, a graduate program for Feldenkrais teachers in NYC and Seattle.

Saturday & Sunday, June 2 & 3, 10am-4 pm.

Advance: $295.
Late: $325 After May 1.
At door: $350.
Register on Brown Paper Tickets.
Or send a check payable to “Dallas Feldenkrais” to: 3515 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas, TX 75219

Find Your Voice

Getting It All Together

Silhouettes of happy people against the skyPhysical, mental, and emotional elements combine to create your unique voice and self-expression in the world. When you find your voice, you can improve your overall experience of moving, sensing, feeling, and “performing” in all aspects of your life.

WHO BENEFITS: Speakers, teachers, performers—anyone who’d like to use their voice, and themselves, with greater ease.

COST: Early-Bird $45 (thru May 3); General $55; $65 at door if space permits. Students: $30. Limit 20. Room for 12 more as of May 1!
Register on Brown Paper Tickets.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Feel surprising connections your jaw, lips, and tongue share throughout your whole system.
  • Sense the relationship between posture, breath, movement, and sound.
  • Improve vocal tone, clarity, and expressiveness.
  • Discover easy breathing, balance, posture, and movement.
  • Learn to interrupt muscular tension patterns of TMJ and headaches (Surprise!).

    Photo of MaryBeth Smith, GCFP

    MaryBeth Smith, GCFP

YOUR INSTRUCTOR: MaryBeth D. Smith, GCFP, is Founder and Director of the FELDENKRAIS Center of Houston. With a background as vocal coach and university opera director, she continues to work with actors, speakers, and singers to improve their skills, technique, and presentation. MaryBeth is a member of the teaching faculty at the Jung Center of Houston, and is nationally recognized as an authority on the improvement of human performance.