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Next Feldenkrais series at Southside on Lamar begins Feb. 7

If you’ve been curious about the Feldenkrais Method® and live or work close to downtown Dallas, please join us for the February Awareness Through Movement® series at Our Space.

Awareness Through Movement class.

Awareness Through Movement class.

It’s a four-week series, running from Thurs., Feb. 7 through Feb. 28, 7-8 pm.

Cost: $48 Early-Bird (thru Feb. 1); $54 in advance; $60 at the door if there’s room. Click here to register.

Limit: 10.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM®) is the group version of Feldenkrais. In each class, you’ll be guided through a series of small movements as you lie on a mat, sit on a chair, or stand. Each class focuses on a particular function or movement pattern.

Feldenkrais is powerful, effective, and practical, a kind of somatic education that reconnects learning with health and function. It’s an excellent complement to yoga and other kinds of movement, and to physical and occupational therapy.

Situated in a beautiful loft at Southside on Lamar, Our Space supports holistic understanding of individuals, relationships, and communities. They offer counseling, meditation classes, and now Feldenkrais!

There’s plenty of parking–just drive on Belleview, past Southside and the Nylo Hotel, to the end of the block. You’ll find a guest parking lot on your right.

Big brains because we move

New research suggests that our brains attained their size because we move. There was an evolutionary advantage to being more agile, and humans with bigger brains could move more quickly.

if physical activity helped to mold the structure of our brains, then it most likely remains essential to brain health today, according to one of the researchers, John D. Polk.

Yet another reason to make Feldenkrais or other movement part of your regular routine.

If you’re interested, you’ll find the whole article here–it’s a NY Times science blog.

Sitting Pretty workshop at MoveStudio Feb. 2

Whether you have a yoga or meditation practice, or would just like more comfort in sitting, you’ll benefit from this workshop. When your pelvis moves naturally, movements of your upper and lower body coordinate to produce powerful, precise, graceful movements – and ease in moving or sitting.

Awareness Through Movement lesson®.

Awareness Through Movement lesson®.

Please be comfortable lying on your back, stomach or side, and floor sitting. Wear several layers of loose-fitting clothing.

Limit: 15.

Where: MoveStudio, 17062 Preston Rd., Suite 108, Dallas, TX 75248

When: Sat, Feb. 2, 2:30-4:30 pm

$35 in advance; $45 at the door if there’s room. Register on the MoveStudio website.

Greeting the new year with a new series

It’s a new year and I’m delighted to be kicking it off with a new series in South Dallas, at Our Space at Southside on Lamar.

Awareness Through Movement lesson®.

Awareness Through Movement lesson®.

I’ll continue to offer the MoveStudio series–it’s a beautiful space, with excellent staff, and always a pleasure to visit. It’s especially satisfying to teach those of you who’ve been taking Awareness Through Movement at Move on an ongoing basis. Because you know how to look after yourselves and to pace and shape a lesson to suit your needs, I’m able to teach more challenging lessons on occasion–you’re helping me grow as a teacher. I’m very grateful.