About Angela Alston

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Angela Alston, GCFP, MFA

Since 1996, I’ve used the Feldenkrais Method® to discover patterns of moving and thinking that don’t serve me, and find more useful choices. I’ve uncovered innate strength that was previously inaccessible, even unknown to me. I’ve grown older yet move better than I did years ago.

I’ve brought more functional, efficient movement to the rest of my life. Working at a computer, walking, carrying groceries, dancing, playing the ukulele—whatever’s needed in the moment.

I’ve come back stronger and learned from injuries—torn meniscus, sprains, and breaks.

And I’m better able to deal with adversity. To meet the challenges and confusion that life sends my way with flexibility and awareness.

Come train with me if you’d like to re-connect with your own innate strength, your birthright as a human being. What you learn about yourself will surprise and delight you. Plus you’ll have a whole lot of fun!

I offer private lessons and group classes and workshops. In person and virtual. I’ve been teaching since 2010.

You’ll Enjoy Working with Me If

  • You’ve been sitting way more than you used to and you want to figure how to sit smarter.
  • You’ve noticed you’re not moving with the ease you used to have and you want to change that trajectory.
  • You’re recovering from an injury and are motivated to move better than you did before the injury.
  • You’re a performer who wants to fine-tune their skill. To jump higher. To bring a fuller presence to the stage.
  • You’re a movement geek. You love discovering new ways to work with your physical self.
  • You’re stuck in some pattern of behaving or thinking that’s not serving you and you’re ready to bring your  attention to that pattern and begin to explore other choices.